Thursday, March 01, 2012

Nicholas McGegan Invites Composers to Dinner

Nicholas McGegan is in town this weekend to conduct music by Rameau, Mozart, Haydn and J.C. Bach with the Columbus Symphony.

Beverly Sills used to say, "I don't share praise, I don't share blame and I don't share deserts."
I don't often share my pre-concert talks. BUT McGegan is irresistible. When he was here a few years ago, he took over, and loud was the laughter! So this weekend he'll be joining me, one hour before concert time.

Come early. Seriously.

During an interview yesterday, McGegan offered these bon mots:

Were I to invite a group of composers to dinner at the same time, there would be guests you absolutely do not want. Wagner would have been awful. He'd have only talked about himself. Bruckner would have prayed a lot, no harm in that, but not great dinner conversation. Mozart would have been nice. He probably would have thrown bread rolls at pretty girls, but that would have been okay. Mendelssohn would have been wonderful, he would have answered your questions in any language. But Haydn would be the ultimate guest. Handel of course
would have eaten your food as well as his own, and Bach would have wanted more beer."

See what I mean?

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