Monday, February 13, 2012

JAY HUNTER MORRIS (and remembering a late, great Brunnhilde)

Somebody needs to explain to me why heldentenor Jay Hunter Morris, one of maybe three guys who can sing Siegfried has languished so long. A lot of opera companies put him on stand by. My God, who was he replacing? Based on the Gotterdammerung HD showing this past Saturday, JHM is sensational. The tone can be open and white, but he has the guts and stamina to really sing the thing-no breaks at the final Brunnhilde, heilige braut!

From the earlierr Siegfried that ball buster, here's Jay Hunter Morris at the Met, 'newly discovered'

And while we're talking Wagner singers, soprano Hildegard Behrens, who was the Brunnhilde of my youth, died a few years back. She could destroy you with a glance.

and I'm a sucker for the curtain calls. Back in 1987 I may have been there!

Wagner's past has been splendid. Jay Hunter Morris is the future.

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