Thursday, September 21, 2006


Actually there was quite a lot going on this summer I could have posted about, but Luddite that I am I forgot both password and user name and whatever else one needs to climb the cyber walls back into the blogosphere. I think I'm okay now.
I'm doing pre cocnert talks here in Columbus OH to everyone and their mother. I tell poeple if you don't like me go on and have another booter and come back later.


Earlier this year I kept a diary while preparing Schumann's Dichterliebe with my friend Ben. We were doing this as a challenge from a local church that dared us to prepare this for one of their lunch hour concerts. I meanpeople would actually ATTEND! We cancelled the church, sang it at a Women's Club and now the church gig is on for October 3rd. As usual I've been comparing a buttload of recordings...six by Dieskau...Fritz Wunderlich, a little bland but sublime, Aksel Schiotz with Gerald Moore, fantatic and my two favorites, Lotte Lehmann with Bruno Walter (1940) and Charles Panzera with Alfred Cortot. I love Lehmann's guts- hearts on sleeve out there brilliance. With Panzera, it is all about the words. His graceful and very subtle use of rubato goes right to my heart. For me, its an experience at tackling a great work with a great friend for nice people. The spirit is willing and eager, and if the pipes never were there, well, it'll be a day out at least. Stay tuned.

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Bertie said...

You have surpassing taste, the Cortot-Panzera and the Lehmann-Walter outshine almost everything else in my opinion, but I recommend to you also the Souzay-Cortot live performance which once appeared on the back (should I say front) of a Cetra issue of the Flagstad 4 Last Songs, for a slightly more intimate approach.