Monday, June 10, 2013

Gianni Schicchi Diary pt. 9

Frank Corsaro
Experience tells me that there is at least one day in any rehearsal period where people are pissy to the extreme. I was not in a great mood this past Saturday. I had expected the entire cast for the first time, and we got very close I must say, only one absence. That in fact was the closest we've had to the complete cast since rehearsals began in mid-May. And yes, I'm just being a culo about this, but sometimes being so is necessary and fun. Almost every one is off book, and Saturday we did have a fine pianist. She claimed to be sight reading. I'll tell you, the general level of musicianship in this town is very high.

Our Gherardino was present. I have to make more use of him on stage. The trick is to keep him busy but not have him upstage the show. Adorable kids can do that, without meaning to.
Tito Gobbi, a great Schicchi shown here as Scarpia
It serves no one to keep an 8 year old unoccupied for long period of time. He opens the show, and has the business and two lines dictated by Puccini and Forzano.

He hadn't been able to count his line properly. (I can't either)  Too excited. The Maestro, as I knew he would, worked patiently and in a matter-of fact way. No dippy shit some adults use when working with kids. Luckily, Gherardino seems very well adjusted and he enjoyed the extra rehearsal.

In short, I as the only one of Saturday who seemed pissy.

Here's a magnificent distraction. The great Tito Gobbi (1913-1984) on Italian television in the 50s. There were many greater voices. Few greater artists. Find out more about him.

Tonight please God we will have the entire cast for the very very very first time. Its just us family at the Jewish Center. I'm told there'll be an electric piano, and one of our regular-highly gifted pianists. This will be the first time cast works in the space. We have worked in quite the cramped quarters prior to tonight. Tonight well be about starting and stopping for physical readjustments to the space. I also have to insure that all can see the Maestro and vice versa. Is a mother's work never done or what?

I wish I had the one one hundreth talent of the great Frank Corsaro (years ago I was lucky to be in the same
ROOM with Frank Corsaro, and if you don't know him look him up) Corsaro would demand very intricate stage business and if the singers complained he would say, Really ? Well,  you have a problem then, don't you? This from a guy who directed Tennessee Williams and Bette Davis at their drunken worst and told them both to fuck off, more than once. You gotta love a guy like this . By the way, if you're singer/performer, .or anyone else reading this blog, you should run not walk to any library and read Corsaro's book, Maverick..

 (I know this is too long. There's a 7 minute abridgement on youtube, can't be embedded. But go find it)

Also tonight, props, linens, the couch and the screen, etc. I don't know what the hell they want the screen for but Linda will schlep along in her van, God love her.

Stop- start. Moves in the space. See the conductor-who will be absent. That's tonight. Tomorrow we have Himself and the orchestra. And the shit may fly. Stay tuned.

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