Thursday, March 17, 2016

MYCincinnati Ensemble at Wild Goose Creative in Columbus

That's not a typo. It IS MYCincinnati.
The MYCincinnati Chamber Ensemble is an El-Sistema inspired orchestra program based in Cincinnati. You'll recall that El Sistema is the music education program for young people begun some years ago in Venezuela.  The program has gone worldwide, with conductor megastar Gustavo Dudamel the poster boy. 
It's great that El Sistema has developed such fantastic programs, and has inspired similar efforts.
The MYCincinnati Ambassador Ensemble is a string sextet of young musicians led by MYCincinnati Director Eddy Kwon.  The Ensemble will play at Wild Goose Creative in Columbus, 2491 Summit St., on Sunday March 20 at 2 PM. Admission is free.
The chamber ensemble describes itself as "A radical youth string ensemble committed to social justice, collective action through avant performance, and experimental collaborations."
Sounds like heaven to an old Leftie like me. A documentary film on the ensemble,  produced by Michael Wilson and Harry Wilson will be shown at Wild Goose, along with a 'live' performance.

MYCincinnati is a free, daily youth orchestra program that uses music as a vehicle for youth development, community engagement and social change. Over 80 young musicians meet for at least 2 hours every weekday learning violin, viola, cello, double bass and playing in an orchestra.
Come to Wild Goose Creative this Sunday at 2 pm to see and hear a group of kids, ages 13-18, play music and work toward making an inclusive world. You can sit by me.

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