Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Harmony Project on All Sides Weekend

UPDATE: Thank you to David, Michelle, Sandy and Hannah for a great interveiw. The program is archived at

All Sides Weekend is heard Fridays at 11 a.m. on WOSU 89-7 NPR News. The program is archived at and is televised by Ohio News Network.  Book and Arts based programs are hosted by WOSU broadcast manager Christopher Purdy

Friday November 13 at 11 a.m.: THE HARMONY PROJECT

Guests: David Brown, Harmony Project Founder and Creative Director, 
Michelle Hermann, OSU Professor of English and creative Writing and HP Member, Sandy Frey, LEED Green Associate and Hannah Powell, Principal KIPP 

Don't miss Michelle Hermann's essay of Harmony Project, and more in her new collection, Like A Song, published by Outpost 19, San Francisco

I've been a fan of HARMONY PROJECT since my writer-teacher-diva mamaleh Michelle Hermann wrestled me to the ground and insisted I listen to HP sing. I did. Very nice. Then I learned more. Harmony Project's 200 voice choir is an important part of the organization, but not the whole story. Membership requires joyful singing and a commitment to make Columbus better. HP members volunteer in programs citywide benefiting the homeless, the ill, the neglected, the lonely and anyone whose live can be improved with an friendly hand, a smile and music.

In other words, Harmony Project helps people help other people using music as a catalyst.
What's not to love you may ask. Nothing apparently. Just try to get in to one of their concerts or even join the choir. Sold out houses and waiting lists are heartening. So many people want to sing and want to help.

I met David brown for coffee a few years ago. The man burns to make music and connect with others. His need may come from many areas, personal and professional. It's a need that brings talent and energy to many to give to many others. I understood why people will leap tall buildings in a single bound or give up chocolate for this man.

THIS JUST IN: The Arts Innovation Fund of The Columbus Foundation has awarded a Columbus Performing Arts Prize to David Brown, founder and Creative Director of The Harmony Project to support a dynamic multi cultural finale at its performance at the Ohio Theatre on December 1 2015..... 


aim said...

The Harmony Project is one of the great things in town! Thanks for alerting us; will be listening (though, when are we not?).

Barbara Zuck said...

I was a young graduate student living in NYC 40 years ago. As a student, I qualified for cheap tickets in the upper reaches of the Met balcony.
I too heard Joan Sutherland and Pavarotti.
Little did I know then that in the course of a long career as a music critic I would go on to review Pavarotti in at least 4 other cities.
There have been and are so many great artists that to single out one is almost criminal.
But Pavarotti did more than any one in the last century to popularize his art form.
He was tall. He was handsome. He was a great lyric voice. He was a nice guy
And he is missed.

Hoping4astory said...

I've been with the Harmony Project for 5 years, and it's been a great experience. One benefit of going to the rehearsals on Monday is getting a dose of optimism from David Brown. Going there just lifts you up. Those rehearsals are not a chore, they're fun

Not to mention singing with professional musicians, and getting to sing at a packed Ohio Theater. There's nothing like it!

Doing community service is a good thing too. I participated in The Commons Program, and it was very rewarding. It's amazing how friendly you get with people you wouldn't have the chance to interact with.

I look forward to applying to sing with the women at Marysville.