Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mozart's Advice

Here's a note to young singers:
Mozart wants you to loosen up and kiss it!

Before you next perform an art song, especially a German lied, please familiarize yourself with this brief work of Mozart's:

And when you stand there seriously, when you look frowning out into the audience in your stiff formal gown or your too tight white tie and tails, and begin to sing in German, a language you don't speak fluently  but know is too serious, and you know your audience doesn't understand German, and expects to be devotional and bored but never entertained, remember that Mozart, the greatest musician God ever produced, wrote a choral work at the height of his fame, he whose music had moved bishops and emperors, Mozart wrote a canon asking you to lick  his  ass!

That should free you to perform from places of love, joy and irony.

Let us be glad!
Grumbling, groaning are in vain
It's the true bane of life
Growling and complaining

Kiss my ass!
Goethe! Goethe!
Gotz von Berlichlingen! Second act!
Let's out know together
And let your ass be licked!

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