Monday, October 01, 2007


I would have chosen a catchier name, but the Columbus Symphony
has been kind enough to ask me to prepare podcasts for their website.
Previews of coming programs with commentary-hopefully pithy and informative-and musical examples. Find them at
This website can be hard to use. Persevere!

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Anonymous said...

Chris! It's a not for profit site! That's dot org! I had the hardest time using the CSO site until I realized you must have misappropriated the suffix.

Your faithless listener,
Allex Spires

P.S.: How come I can't find a picture of you on the WOSU website?

I had to go all the way to "Purdy's Corner" on the CSO site to find out what you looked like. And now that I have maneuvered that site a little bit, I agree; it is hard to use.